Aryana Sofea

Hi there! I'm Sofea and I'm a jack of all trades. I have a bachelor's degree in Communications and a lifelong thirst for knowledge and growth. One of my best skills is turning words into magic. I can also connect with people very well, so my relationship with pen and paper as well as with people are both excellent. I offer you professionalism, quality content, and fast delivery!

I am well-versed in the vital parts of getting your message across to potential consumers/readers and together, I can guide you to represent the best version of yourself and/or your product online - it is all about the words under the words. 

Below are some of the examples of my work. 

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Everything You Need To Know About The 5 Love Languages And How To Practice Them – Wild Ginger

This is a language you should consider getting fluent in for a deeper connection with your partner, as you’ll understand how to converse with them in their own love language and vice versa. In short, to learn love languages is to understand how to ​express love in the right language. Understanding how your partner and yourself communicate love is vital for you to blossom together in your relationship.

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Self-Awareness: Recognising your toxic traits – Wild Ginger

Similar to the Yin and Yang, of how two opposites complement each other to make a whole, there is a shadow-side to everything in life – especially in ourselves. Everyone exhibits some form of toxic behaviour. We are only human after all. But what’s important is that we educate ourselves rather than ignore it and continue acting the same away. If you’re ready to be honest and accountable, to be a better version of yourself, we invite you to read on! What are the common toxic traits? Having stan

How To Really Grow As A Person: Taking responsibility and accountability – Wild Ginger

If we were to ask someone to take responsibility for their life or actions, they would usually ignore it. Why? Because this statement may seem judgemental, aggressive and insensitive – it may not even make sense to the listener. Personal responsibility is often an overlooked personality trait that many have yet to achieve. It isn’t something that one decides to do voluntarily, rather, it is something we discover once we acknowledge our own power and realize the impact of our actions. One of th

3 Simple Steps To Create A Vision Board For The Life You’ve Always Wanted – Wild Ginger

A vision board, also known as a dream board, is a collage of pictures and words that best represent your dreams and goals. It is a visualisation tool that helps you clarify, centre, and focus on what solidly matters to you. A common misconception of the vision board is that it works like a genie, whereby you will magically achieve whatever you have on your board. Rather, it works as a reminder of all the actions you should take in order for you to reach your goals. Why Is It Effective? The mos